All of my jewelry is handcrafted by me out of my home studio in Buffalo, New York where I live with my incredibly supportive husband and two awesome sons.

About ten years ago, after being an at-home mom, I started playing around with knitting fine silver wire into jewelry. The results were amazing and the response to my work inspired me to keep going. Since then, my craft has evolved as I am entirely self taught, learning everything I know through trial and error and research. By using various techniques in my designs, I create unique, yet classic jewelry with exceptional materials and keen attention to detail.

What inspires my creativity is the beauty and color of the semi-precious stones and pearls I work with; paring them with metals or natural fibers until I am pleased with the result. I make pieces that I want to wear and have a timelessness in their style, not riding the wave of current trends. My relaxed sensibilities carry through to my design’s everyday wearability and style.

I have always loved natural gemstones, spending hours during the summer “mining” garnets out of the huge granite boulders near my home in New England.

I am in love with metalwork and make most of my components by hand forming, fusing and hammering fine silver, sterling, copper and bronze. Metal, at once cool, rigid and lifeless, becomes something entirely different with a little effort, heat and inspiration. Very fun and rewarding to see.

It’s interesting how following your passion leads you to the right path. I feel so fortunate to have found what I love to do, working with my hands to create something beautiful. Hopefully you find a piece that speaks to you.

With gratitude,